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New NAD+ boosting

longevity supplement

hits the market

Elevant Prime dietary supplement contains a “high purity” form of NMN that has completed safety and toxicology testing.

New York based health and wellness brand Elevant has introduced a new NAD+ boosting longevity supplement called Prime.

The company announced that the daily dietary supplement, which contains a high purity form of nicotinamide mononucleotide called NMN-C, works “within cells to power immunity, deliver daily energy and fight aging.”

Longevity.Technology: The growing longevity supplement market welcomes a new player in Elevant. With people like Dr Eric Verdin on its advisory board, the brand is clearly putting an emphasis on the science. And, with Prime expected to be the first of many NMN-based products from Seneque’s portfolio of consumer brands, we’ll be watching developments with interest!

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