NMN enters cells via a specific NMN transporter
January 7, 2019

One of the properties that makes NMN such a highly promising molecule is its potential speed of absorption into the body. Seneque Chief Scientist Dr. Alessia Grozio was part of a team that in 2019 published groundbreaking research which highlighted a key driver of NMN’s efficiency – a transporter that carries NMN directly into cells [1] within ten minutes of ingestion.

NMN ameliorates age-associated physiological decline
March 22, 2021

NMN ameliorates age-associated physiological decline

Our bodies have been creating NMN for millennia, yet only now are we arebeginning to understand the role this vital molecule plays in health andlongevity. At Seneque, our extensive program of clinical trials is analyzingfor the first time in humans the effects of NMN on several pathophysiologiesassociated with the aging process.

Eight ways to strengthen your immune system
January 12, 2021

Viruses and other pathogens can attack us easily if our immune system is weakened. Covid-19, for example, has been observed to affect people who already have health complications, suffer from an illness or have a depleted immune system.