NMN is a molecule that occurs naturally in all life forms. It fuels essential  functions of cells, such as how they generate energy and protect and  repair our bodies, by generating a vital molecule called NAD+.

As the final step in the biochemical chain reaction that produces NAD+,  NMN is a highly efficient route to generating NAD+, which in turn supports  vital molecular pathways that keep your body running well.
Some common natural foods like broccoli or avocado contain NMN, but not enough to meet your ongoing and growing needs. Vegetables and fruits like broccoli, cabbage and avocado contain around 1 mg NMN/100g, far from the hundreds of mg per day your body needs in general.

Supplementing with NMN is a highly effective way to naturally boost your NAD+ levels and counter reductions as you get older, helping you maintain the essential elements of your vitality: brain and body energy, focus and immunity.

A key beneficiary of the NAD+ boosting properties of NMN is immunity – your body’s defense system – which tends to get weaker with age. When you age, you can get sick more easily, and it becomes harder to recover from injuries and infection.
NMN also helps boost immunity to protect  against  chronic inflammation that comes with aging, as well as acute inflammation caused by stressors and infection.
Chronic inflammation is responsible for accelerating the process of biological aging and worsening many age-related diseases..

Acute inflammation is caused by common stressors such as intense exercise, lack of sleep, pollutants, nervous tension, sun exposure and other stressing lifestyle factors.

Both these forms of damaging inflammation can be addressed by effective modulation of NAD+ usage or production.